In a world with focus on innovation and creativity it is important to make sure that your team members are able to communicate at an emotional level.

Information flows faster than ever before. The digital distance between people is extremely small. We can connect with people on a wider scale (across the border) much easier and faster ever. The digital age has in many ways made the world smaller and the physical distance between people may seem minor on the basis of digital communication tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and we can easily keep up with each other's and other life than before.

On the other hand the digital world also creates a greater need for bridging the digital life to the physical life. And create a solid relationship between what people experience online and offline.

In the digital world it's almost to easy to avoid real human contact with all the important senses and nuances of real-life encounters, and as a consequence the communication is highly filtered and simplified.

Our goal is to kick off a higher level of interpersonal relations in smaller teams with physical contact - ie. the first kickoff meeting in a project - by encouraging the players to leak secrets in different game modes with a clear touch of warm friendship.

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